Our PRIVATE MEMBERS are the jewels of Sity Singles. Membership includes:

  1. Required One on One Self Love Sessions

  2. Wow Factor Sourcing 

  3. Personal Coaching with LaTonya MeChelle

  4. Confidentiality​

A-One On One Initial Session with LaTonya MeChelle is required to ensure that our spirits gel and explain the program. If we decide that being a PRIVATE MEMBER is not for you or we have filled our available slots, we will add you as a Database Member. The fee for this one-on-one session is $30. If you are selected as a Member, the cost will be deducted from your overall member's pricing.

Are you a 'Wow Factor'! We can not do our job without options for our clients. Our database members are just as significant as our Private Members. We will use our database members to help source love for our private members. 


As a Database Member, you are required to attend a One On One Initial Session with LaTonya MeChelle to find out more about you for when we start sourcing for our Private Members. It's more than just filling out a questionnaire. The fee for this one-on-one session is $30, allowing you access to our database for three months. After this date, you will have the option to stay, but you will be charged an additional fee. 

By being a member of our database, you will also get a chance to be one of our Sity Singles Spotlights, get invited to our private events, and receive sourcing emails about our Private Members before sending them out to our network.  

Join Our Database

Sity Singles is an exclusive matchmaking service designed to help you find your "Wow Factor" and make sure you are mentally and spiritually prepared to give the best version of yourself once your mate has been selected. We have created a remarkable dynamic of skilled individuals, creating the perfect POWER TEAM, whose ultimate goal is to help every member find their "imperfectly perfect" mate. We customize each experience with personal attention, tailored to the member's needs, wants, and desires. Sity Singles is not a matchmaking service that operates on physical looks alone. With us, it's about compatibility and the complete package intended to lead two people to become Life Partners. 

The power team takes a well-rounded approach with each member when it comes to finding a spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically compatible mate. We aim to find the right person you wouldn't mind being your "forever date" because you couldn't see yourself as your life partner with anyone else. Before we even begin sourcing, this process starts with YOU, the client, making sure you are prepared for a healthy relationship. 

Become A Private Member

1 On 1 Love Chat With LaTonya MeChelle

Some aren't ready for a MatchMaker. Some don't even want anyone to know they are single and ready to open themselves up for dating. Some have questions and need authentic relationship advice. LaTonya MeChelle is available for One On One 1 Hour Sessions to discuss whatever you like. These sessions can be conducted either by phone or video. In addition, you can request a face-to-face session with LaTonya MeChelle for a higher rate.