Globally, it has been widely misunderstood that black men are largely poor, unlearned, and are innately at-risk. Throughout history these erroneous myths alone with unfavorable statistics have remained the culprit used to paint a nefarious narrative about the black and brown men. However, this travesty of an attempt by society to define men of color has terribly failed to capture the vibrant and colorful story of black masculinity; here lies the purpose and reason for existence of PROVE MAGAZINE. We re-tell his story, the right way. 

A beacon of hope that illuminates the beauty of blackness. We enlighten the minds of our readership about the many elements of beauty-in black form. Our principle interest is to provide the world with a more balanced perspective of the black male image-by articulating the extraordinary virtues that are deeply rooted within historical and modern black heritage, and through uncovering and making known-to-the-world the grossly hidden greatness of black men.