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Education has always seemed as if it has to be taught by people with degrees in everything. We’re constantly reminded that it is supposed to take place with the four walls of any institutional facility that housed “information” that would help you better understand what your teacher was trying to get you to learn and retain.

However, when the pandemic hit, we learned quickly that education is not confined to brick and mortar facilities. It is not boxed up nice and neatly, inside of a classroom with other dusty materials that are probably full of lies and misinformation. We learned that teaching is not simply just for people with degrees and certifications in any one specific area. We learned that teaching is based on your ability to want to educate those who are in need and asking! It’s funny because I learned this before the pandemic hit.

Let me introduce myself. My name is T. Domino Addison. I have 3 young children that I’m raising, alone. Yes, I’m a single mother…of 3 boys(young men). Why is this any of your business? Well, because hopefully my stories will help you become the best teachers you can be. My children were all preemies and have different abilities(disabilities) when it comes to learning. My oldest, who is now 20, has Autism. My middle kid, age 17 has PTSD and ADD. My youngest, well, he’s more medical than anything. He is actually an” A-B” student.

My journey began with my son who has Autism but picked up momentum with my middle son. When my middle son was just in 4 th grade, I noticed how shy and reserved he was becoming. His reports card grades were becoming more and more concerning. I found out he was being bullied in school and the teachers were part of the problem. Someone mentioned to me about trying homeschool through the church(not naming the church because they were worse than public school). I set up a meeting and ended up registering him. I learned more about the homeschool process once I registered him. I’m glad I


One day, I went to pick him up early for a doctor’s appointment and could hear a teacher yelling at a student so loudly I thought she was in the hallway. When I turned the corner the doors to the classroom were closed but I could hear her every word, degrading this child. I opened the door to find my child in tears, and of course, startled the teacher. I will not go into what happened with me and her. However, I removed my child from that program and never went back.

I studied more and more about homeschool and got in touch with the Homeschool Office of P.G. County and did everything I needed to do as far as taking on the responsibility of educating him myself. Being a former Language Arts educator and a Psychology major at SCSU, didn’t hurt either. I rented out a classroom inside a daycare facility and began our journey. What the blessing is, is that other parents got wind of what I was doing and asked me if their children could participate. I learned the laws and rules, developed a game plan, built a curriculum and have been homeschooling for other families since 2012.

Follow me as I take you through the ins and outs of this educational process.


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