Ladies, Don't Believe The Hype

It’s so funny how people love to put people in categories. Pretty Girls are full of drama. Fat Girls are easy. Redheads have more fun. Blondes are airheads. Light skinned girls are prettier. Dark skinned girls have low self-esteem. Women can’t raise a boy alone. Who makes up this mess and more importantly why in the world do we believe it? Why do we continue to let society tell us about who we are?

There are so many women suffering from low self-esteem, depression and other issues because they feel like they don’t meet standards.

"Hello, who told you that you had to meet anyone standards but your own? Why Oh why do women continue to self sabotage themselves?"

We hear or see something on TV or we see someone who looks better than us and we go into panic mode and hate ourselves. This mess needs to stop.

The reality is that pretty girls that you think get all the attention are jealous of you because she believes that you get all of the attention. Don’t y’all know that men don’t approach pretty girls? They are too intimidated by them and afraid of rejection. Fat girls don’t have to be easy because they get more attention than most these days so they have options, plus they are some of the most confident women I know. Red heads may have fun but is it with the one that they want? In most cases it’s not. Blondes are supposed to be airheads but that’s the color that most are dying their hair these days. Even the smartest women I know are sporting a blonde look. Light skinned girls have been told that they are pretty all their lives because of their light skin but who wants to be given a compliment solely based on their skin color? Dark Skinned girls have some of the flawless skin. Have you checked out the skin tones of some of the hottest models these days, do you really believe they all have low self-esteem? That one concept that a woman can’t raise a boy, shall I give you a list of successful men who were raised by their Moms alone?

"Y’all come on! I don’t care if you are 120 pounds or 380 pounds, black, white, gay, straight, tall, short, single or married; If you are a woman, you have issues!!!"

We all have issues, plain and simple!!! The difference between some that you admire and yourself is that they know how to deal with their issues or shall I say insecurities but you best believe we all have them. Their issues may not be the same as yours but we all have them. To keep it real, men have them too but they are on a totally different level and we can discuss that at another time.

Instead of dwelling on your issues or hang-ups, learn to deal with them. Learn to accept them. They are what they are. They are a part of you as long as you allow them to be. These days, some are turning to surgeries to change their body and/or face. We subscribe to whatever makes you happy but please know that surgery is not the answer for all. There are so many more options out there. More importantly, don't just focus on your outer features but make sure you do what's needed to fix your inner self. Surgery is nothing but more issues if you don't tap into your inner soul.

Just know that Rome wasn’t built in a day but it was built, so don’t make excuses and live in your own funk but instead make an attempt daily to be better than you were yesterday. Make those issues slowly go away or learn to deal with them - not for anyone else but for you. It’s up to you to take charge of your own world and stop letting people put you in categories and dictate your life for you.

You are a gift and no matter how much someone tries they can never be you; that alone makes you special. The good, bad and the ugly!!! No one can love you like you can love yourself. No one can believe in you like you can believe in yourself. You shouldn’t be allowing anyone to put you in any categories and you definitely shouldn’t be living by anyone else’s standards. Do you baby girl!! Live for you and stop comparing yourself to others….there’s no comparison, you win!!!!!!!!

Stop believing the HYPE of society and what people who don’t mean anything says and start creating your own HYPE.


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