Hey Black Men! Kudos To Raheem DeVaughn & Calvin Richardson

Updated: Apr 14

My thoughts watching these two men perform on Friday night. Forget that they are in the music industry, even though that's one the hardest industry to be in.

For a second, can we just talk about them being black men. We live in a space where they still count black men out and downplay them. A space where the only time they're celebrated is when they die. It's time to truly change that.

It's time for the world to celebrate black men on a norm. Time for us to give them their flowers while they're alive. Time for us to talk about the Good stuff that they are doing rather than wait for the bad.

Here's the great thing about being backstage, you get to see things that most don't see. I watched both of these artists enter the arena, perform and leave. Both of of their performances were so seductive that I'm sure every woman in the room had a moment. I was prepared for Calvin but wasn't ready for Raheem.

Shoot, a woman jumped the stage for Calvin and he let her stay. Until his team had to escort her off cause she was attempting to take her clothes off. After that, he kept it moving and made sure every single flower was giving out and didn't just throw it out. Didn't just pass then out and keep on moving. He made each woman that he handed a flower feel like it was just for her. Raheem hit the stage and had every woman ready to melt. If you ever slept on Raheem before, go to one of his concerts. When he got on the ground in his yellow suit, the women lost their freaking minds.

I watched both of these men give great performances, leave the stage and roll out the backdoor with their teams and that was all they wrote. Wasn't no women with them. Wasn't no women in their dressing rooms. These men came to take care of business and rolled out. I loved every bit of what I saw. Just because you have access doesn't mean you want or need access. Mad respect to the both of them. Aint nobody talking about the respectful stuff though, let me change that.

As I watch each of them perform, I thought about the problems that they may have that no one knows about. I thought about their struggles. I thought about their past that they overcame and didn't let stop them. I thought about them just being black men in today's society and working in a cutthroat industry. And all of a sudden I was super proud of both of them and inspired. In spite of what they've been through or what they are going through, they get it and they are winning in their own Kingdom. Which is all that really matters.

Black men! The world is yours. It doesn't matter what the world says or think. Doesn't matter what you've been through. What matters is your mindset! Dont limit who you are. Make up your own rules and win. Take all the space that you need in this world. You matter and you're truly needed.

Big Kudos to both Calvin Richardson & Raheem DeVaughn ! Continue to rise in your own space and being apart of black men doing the Dang Thang.

Black Men! Yall Truly Do Matter Alive!!! Keep Rising! Love You Alive - Honoring Black Men While They're Still Alive. Launching 03.01.22

Love, Peace & Happiness,

LaTonya MeChelle


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