Good Morning Gorgeous #maryjblige #mjb

Last night, I was proud of this women for so many things. I had just listened to her new album and tapped into her releasing all of her pain. Giving her straight kudos for freely expressing herself with no worries of what others may think.

As easy as it may look. It's not easy being a black woman. Especially for those of us who seem to appear to be in the Strong Black Independent Woman or Alpha Woman categories. For the record, I despise both those categories for all women but I know I'm often labeled as either. It's not like we want to be so determined and focused that we ALLOW nothing to get in our way. It's not like we don't know how to ask for help but when we do..... It's not like we want to be in our own world. But the missions and levels that we are attempting to achieve, takes plenty of work and efforts. Our past track records should have destroyed us but yet, we still rise. We have been broken, manipulated, rejected, disrespected and so much more and refuse to become a victim to any of that mess anymore. Or at least that's how we think.

So to take a chance on someone and to be vulnerable and they end up dogging us. Knowing the efforts that we pour into them to make sure they know they're loved and appreciated. You can only take so many slaps in the face before you're like....let me get my MJB On!

I watched this lady perform last night and celebrated not just for her but for all women who are choosing not to sit and dwell in their trauma or hurt. Her new music is her releasing and her way of healing. It felt so good to listen and say, I can relate but umm, don't none of these hurt songs apply to me.

As I watched her move, it felt good to look at her and be 51 too. To look at her big legs, her big o butt and that tight stomach (I'm working on that part) and this is a true representative of a black woman who has put in the work. I could jump on the bandwagon and say that she represents big girls or thick girls but ummmm....she don't represent just any big or thick girl. She represents the disciplined ones that refuse to settle for their current bodies and actually does what it takes to put in the work. The good Morning Gorgeous requires her to look in the mirror and own up to her own shit! Requires her to tap into her mental, spiritual and PHYSICAL state and not make up excuses. That's a body that has a disciplined mind attached to it.

If she did not get added to my Inspiration List last night! We talk a whole lot of mess as women.....I'm A Queen! I'm A Bad B!$ch but are you really? Are you really taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually and physically? Newsflash, just cause you got that tummy, butt and breast surgery don't mean that fat won't come back. And yes, you got the surgery now and you physically look better, but does your mental and spiritual self match your new body?

Ladies, we are responsible for truly loving and taking care of ourselves. Can you seriously say you're taking care of yourself the way you take care of everyone and everything else in your life?

I so wanted to jump on the MJB Bandwagon and scream, yes, I'm her! But until I reached my goal of flattening this stomach and truly being disciplined about it...I aint there yet. Doesn't matter to me that I got the other parts in being mentally and spiritually together is still selling myself short if I ain't physically together.

Kudos MJB! I celebrate you and your victories today. Keep Rising My Sister! I'm right behind you. Thanks for the motivation. I love you Mary J. Blige.

Love, Peace & Happiness,

LaTonya MeChelle


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