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Tell us any and everything that you want us to know about you as a person (personality, fun facts, upbringing, etc.)?

I am a wife, mom, CEO of our brand-new talent management company, entrepreneur and purpose pusher of my hope initiative called The Semicolon Life. I was born in a small City in a small state called Wilmington, Delaware. I know you've never met anyone from Delaware. I'm here! At the age of 9 we moved to Decatur, Georgia and now you can just call me a Georgia plum. I attended West Georgia College and became a member of the amazing sisterhood Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated. I'm learning to allow every experience to push me to my next mountain top. My motto is, "It is what it is but only until it's something else.” We have to be able to navigate the curves on this journey.

We first met you being a Momager to your son, Myles Tuitt. How has that experience been?

It has been an amazing experience managing our son Myles Truitt. It's been a learning experience as well as an opportunity to take a peek into our future as Talent Managers. We absolutely loved traveling with him and meeting new people. It has even poured over into our 10-year-old which I believe is going to be keeping us very busy.

Obviously, you've done a great job because he is everywhere from Queen Sugar to Black Lightning. What advice can you give to other Momagers?

The advice that I would give to other managers is to make sure that this is what your child wants to do. Be sure not to put your ideas or hopes on them. The main thing is to keep your children full of you and free to explore. One of the biggest things I will tell anyone managing their child is to be prepared for the unexpected. This industry has all kinds of twists and turns and flexibility is important.

You have two other sons, do you have to play Momager & Mom to them too, if so, what are they up to?

Yes, I have two boys one 10 and another seven. My middle son Chase Jackson has already played on a BET series and is committed to acting by auditioning and finding that right role for him. He will be in a movie that is filming this summer. Our younger son is not necessarily interested in TV film but is working on his YouTube channel. They both are very involved in sports and play baseball, football, and basketball so either way I think they'll keep me busy.

Your positive energy stood out from day one. You always seem happy, your family was always together and even though you were smiling, it was obvious that you don't take any mess when it comes to your family. How do you keep your family so solid in an industry that can be cold?

Foundation and grounding are very important to my family. We have a firm solid commitment to God, and we know where all of our resources come from. We continue to keep God first in everything that we do and have to do a self-check every now and then as a reminder.

What traditions have you establish in your household to keep your family balanced?

Our family is big on traditions when it comes to daily prayer and gratitude. We do affirmations together as a family and wake up every morning with good morning and never go to bed without saying I love you. We spend holidays together regardless of what is going on and hold family very close.

So now that we have gotten the questions out the way about your babies, let’s talk about the real star of this article, YOU! We see you looking all good in your photo shoot, what's going on in your world?

I'm really excited about what is happening in my world! Because of all of my experiences and adventures I've had, I've been able to share it with the world through my management company as well as my hope initiative The Semicolon Life. I am determined to encourage other women to keep going regardless of what it looks like. My goal is to always leave someone better than we met. Through The Semicolon Life and JT talent management company, I hope to represent what strong, tenacious, and empowered women look like. We can be and do it all!

Sis, you are doing the DANG THANG! How do you manage to make time to be a wife, mother, Momager, Business Owner and now this?

I believe that everyone needs a village or a support system. I have been blessed to have an amazing supportive and loving husband that backs me in everything that I do. If it was not for him, JT Talent would not be where and what it is. My mother and my mother-in-law have been the nurturing support that my children have needed and always willingly fill in the gaps.

You looked amazing in your shoot, how did it feel to come from the background and become the spotlight?

It has been very different moving from the background to the spotlight, but it has allowed me to celebrate myself and affirm my attributes. Although I am usually the life of the party and I am not shy at all, I was a little nervous and had to accept my flaws as perfectly imperfect. I really love the fact that I am able to show other women the beauty in shining!

We want to cheer you on, what can we look forward to seeing in the future dealing with your brand

I am very excited about my upcoming projects. I am working on a journal and a book of affirmations. JT talent management has signed 3 new clients and will be doing an official launch very soon. I have been auditioning myself and hopefully, you will see me on the big screen soon. My biggest project right now is my YouTube series I am looking to premier soon. I want to do it all.

What is your definition of confidence? Would you consider yourself confident? Tell us why.

My definition of confidence is knowing you can even if it's not the same way others can. What I mean by that is that we should be confident, sure, and secure in who we are and never compare our abilities to others. I do consider myself confident because there is only one me. There is only one Danielle that can do what Danielle can do... I continuously remind myself that there is something that only I can do, and the world is waiting for me to do it!

What were you insecure about back in the day, that you can laugh about now?

So, I never really liked my body shape when I was growing up because I was so very hippy. Now I truly love my hips and I laugh about it now because it helped a lot in snagging my amazing husband and having these beautiful boys! And I don't look half bad in a dress!

When did you finally realize that you were confident?

I realized I was confident just 3 years ago when I did my first Semicolon Life Tour. I had to stand up in front of everyone and tell my story and I was not afraid. I was more relieved.

How do you stay motivated?

My motivation comes from my daily affirmations and prayer time with God. Motivation also comes for me and seeing past and my present state. I continue to write goals and write out my accountability. I also use pictures of things that I want to happen in my life and place them in areas of my home where I cannot miss them. Out of sight, out of mind is not going to happen for me. Not only do I put it on paper and make it plain I put it in the atmosphere...put in the world and manifest it to happen.

How do you make time for SELF-LOVE?

My family knows that I have my days. I intentionally set time aside for whatever it is I want to do. Be that a spa day, nail day, sitting at the park or hanging out with my friends. It is imperative that I have this time. I tell people all the time you can't be anything to anybody if you're not everything to yourself.


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