Eatery of the Month ~ Fried Corn Evrythang

Let The Church Say Amen!!!! That's all I can say. Have you ever heard of a Fried Deviled Egg? Sounds nasty, don't it? Boy O Boy!!! How about Lemon Pepper Fried Corn on the Cob? A whole lot of fried stuff going on, huh? O Yeah, I can't forget the Shrimp and Corn Grits. I'm from the heart of Texarkana Arkansas where we put sugar on our grits. But umm, after tasting the Shrimp and Grits from Fried Corn Evrythang, I was ready to convert to #teamnosugar. Seasoning is evrythang to me and Mr. Allen and his team appears to have mastered the game.

Back to the Fried Deviled Eggs. There was no way in the world that I was going to order deviled eggs. I don't even like everyone's deviled eggs. So, when Jasmine took my order and brought an egg out for me to sample, I was very hesitant. It had to show on my face because she had a confidence on her face like.....just try it! You will love it. And I DID!!! That egg was so dang good that I had to fight myself not to

purchase anymore. Keep in mind, I already had ordered a Fried Corn on the Cob and had just purchased food from the place next door. Yes, I was having a PHAT GIRL MOMENT. I wanted it all.

I'm in Maryland now, writing this thinking, as soon as I get back to GEORGIA. They will surely know my name. Oh yeah, the Lemon Pepper Fried Corn on the Cob!!!!! Jesus take the wheel cause I surely was driving trying to eat it. When I say, I ate every piece of that corn and was sucking on the cob and my fingers.....I"m so not exaggerating. I promise you that.

I had to choose between two Black Male Owned Eateries for this Award. I must say that I absolutely love both of them. The funny part is, they are located right next to each other and I tried them both for the first time on the same day. The winning factor was, I CAN'T GET THEM DANG FRIED DEVILED EGGS out of my head. I"m truly feening for one or two or maybe even three. Truth be told, I don't really eat a lot of fried food but you best believe that I will be eating more of FRIED CORN EVRYTHANG.

Kudos to JERROD ALLEN for coming up with this concept. I can see successful franchises everywhere.

Be sure to follow FRIED CORN EVRYTHANG ON IG and stop by and get your eat on at GREENBRIAR MALL's FOOD COURT in Atlanta Georgia.

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