Best Dress of the Month ~ Keith Thomas

It's something about a man who takes pride in the way he dresses. Whether he is dressed casually or dressed to kill, Keith Thomas is definitely one that fits that category. Instagram has become a daily Fashion Show for so many and, we must say, Keith is one that stands out constantly with our team. Dressing well is one thing but to have a confidence attached to it that obviously spells out KING, without having to utter a word, is rare.

Our team has reached out to Mr. Thomas to schedule an one on one to share with the world what someone who is living his DREAMS OUT LOUD really looks like. He has agreed to the interview but due to his hectic filming schedule we have scheduled it for a later date. We didn't want to wait until then to spotlight this man. Yes, we are awarding him our first ever BEST DRESSED of the MONTH, because it's deserved. However, that's just a minor attribute to what this man has to offer.

Make sure you go follow him on IG (picture will take you to his IG page)!

Congratulations KEITH!!!!

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