Dang Thang Magazine

We are rarely taught to believe in ourselves, to take the time to understand who we are as an individual by accepting our weaknesses and strengths, to love our looks, to carry ourselves with grace and so forth. Throughout history we see so many broken souls, it has become an acceptable way of life. However, this travesty of an attempt by society to make us think that this is okay has failed to capture the vibrant and colorful story of people who truly understand and dwell in the true meaning of SELF LOVE. Dang Thang was created as a beacon of light to illuminate the beauty of self-empowerment. Our principle interest is to provide our followers with inspiration and knowledge of what it looks like when you take chances in your life by making positive CHOICES in all aspects of your life. A place for us to showcase and spotlight those who inspire others by sharing their stories.

Dang Thang is also our HubSpot for our celebrity interviews, out & about posting and reviews. Our interviews have included Patti Labelle, Kelli Price, Jillian White, Tamela Mann and more.

To be considered for a feature send your pitch to info@tygereyez.com. Subject Line: I Am The Dang Thang.