Talent Database

Our team is constantly tasked with finding Service Providers for our events and clients located globally. These requests come from different clients in various industries, from make-up artists in Texas, barbers in DC, or restaurant/club owners in Houston. We never know what the request may be, so it's essential always to ensure that our roster is up to date. 

If you are a Service Provider, we would love to add you to our roster. It's FREE!

Consultant & Image Management

Everyone has their ideas and visions; however, one thing everyone should consider is that successful business depends entirely on having a cohesive, clear-cut strategy plan. Our job is to evaluate our client's needs, come up with solutions, offer advice on various topics to include strategy, resources, human management, company's and audience culture and more.  We figure out how to make it so our client's customers want to continuously engage with their brand by creating pathways that leads to growth from the beginning. ​

Image Management

Consultant Services



Our Clients

There's more to talent than having talent. Your mindset and presentation to the world matter just as much. Your body language matters. Your whole demeanor matters. Your audience doesn't care if you're having a bad day. You, the Artist, figure out how you want to be portrayed, and you take on that image.

Image Management evaluates and enhances our image and how others perceive and respond to us. It is about creating first impressions and, more importantly, an impactful, lasting presence.

How do you want the world to perceive you? Are you consistent? What makes people want to know more about you? How do you stay relevant? When people start searching for you, what do they find? Are you making them want more of you?