Constantly Having Opportunities to Increase Change & Empower Self

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"Having talent is one thing; being successful at it and making sure it makes room for you is another. Let our team help you mentally, spiritually, and physically make your dreams and talent a reality." -

LaTonya MeChelle -


We're all about CHOICES! We are a Talent Agency that provides Image Management, Consultant Services  and other image related services.  We've put together a team of passionate coaches, subject matter experts, and storytellers who put immense effort into producing the best results for our clients and in-house projects. We help people, causes, and brands better themselves, broaden their brands, share their stories, and obtain and increase their exposure. ​

You are the answers to the questions you've been searching for in your personal and professional lives. We are here to assist you in walking through your journey of discovery.

​​Our outlet focuses on CHOICES, unleashing the mask and showing the world what genuine authenticity looks like. For so long, we have been taught to keep our thoughts to ourselves and to deal with whatever life throws us. We have been taught to downplay our talents and not take a chance on ourselves.

Time for a change. If you can dream it, our team can help you make it a reality.