The Black Men World wide Calendar 2021


Calendar is from March 2021 - February 2022

3 Day Special - 02.17 - 02. 20  Only $25 (price + shipping) 

$35 (price + shipping) (normal price)


We are TygerEyez 360 Media Group, an exclusive Brand Strategy  & Media Relations Agency. We've put together a team of passionate storytellers who put immense amounts of effort into producing the best results for our inhouse projects and our clients. Our outlet focuses on unleashing the mask and showing the world what true authenticity through proper branding and exposure through various forms of media, looks like. For so long, we have been taught, to keep our thoughts to ourselves and to deal with whatever life throws us. We have been taught to downplay our talents and not to take a chance on ourselves. Time for a change. If you can dream it, we can bring it to light. Through a wide range of services, we specialize in catering to each of our clients in a unique way making sure that their dreams and goals becomes a reality in the most visualized way possible.


We are also the home of Prove Magazine, I Am The Dang Thang, Let Him Talk Live, Dang Thang Live and others projects that caters to Unleashing The Mask. You are the change that you’ve been searching for and we are here to assist you in walking in your change.....

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The Black Men World wide  Network

The Black Men Worldwide Network, is an exclusive membership based Concierge Service supporting the lifestyles of black men. We are the team that will bring about a new positive look of the black man in today's society. We have put together a business plan that will provide services to black men who are truly about the betterment of self, their businesses and their love lives . We are here to serve, uplift, inspire and to give black men platforms to express themselves and shine.


We are a private membership based agency, that provides a variety of services.  We know that each member has a different mission, so we create unique, personalized service packages that will cater to our members based on their wants and needs.  Our main services includes Marketing, Exposure, Business Consultant, Life Coaching & Matchmaking.


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